Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Three New Websites for Sale---Come See---

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Colorful Girl...

Fairytale Blues....

All Boy....

More to come.....

Fairytale Bulletin Board...

Just finished these few customs---I am working on 3 me pages and 2 websites--YEY

Here are just some samples- YOu can view all my recent work here:

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Extreme Makeover Home Edition...

Rosenberry rooms (one of my retailers) works with extreme makeover once in a while and they're next show is going to start filming March 10 th and they requested 2 paintings of mine for the little girl's princess room! I am freaking out. I have a few orders I am working on, plus some me pages.....and they want these donated in 9 days. I am totally going to do it because the exposure will hopefully be good and I can use their ad on my website and anywhere else I want. I can not wait...this was kind of the break I have been praying for. I will post more details once I hear more about it from rosenberry rooms.

I was going out to the movies with DH- but under the circumstances he was like go PAINT!

Thanks for letting me share this amazing experience with you. Since we got rid of our tv I haven;t watched the show in over a year..but I will for sure watch this one. LOL

here is the letter from susie...

Hi Wendy,

How are you? I have some fun news. We are working with Extreme Makeover Home Edition to decorate a room for an upcoming episode. They have requested two of your items for the little girl’s room.
Princesses in the Forest Hand Painted Art
Princess and Butterflies Hand Painted Art

Can you let me know if you would be willing to donate these to the show? The items must arrive at the location no later than March 10th. If you would like to participate, I will provide further details, including the ship to address and the biography for the family that will benefit from you donation.

Thanks so much,