Monday, April 30, 2007

collaboration continued...

and this is my painting...not sure if I am adding a bag or flowers in her hand...adding some beautiful applique work to the jacket so that is a should see what Eva is making.....wowza!!!


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Personalized Hair Bow Holder....

These are my favorite things to make and my biggest seller...

Princess Bow Holders...

8x10" Princess

9x12" Princess

11x14" Princess

Click here to view

Any color hair,eyes,etc.

And always free clippies with all of my art.

Tutu Bowholders and other bowholders - Click here to view all ...

Coming soon....

New Denim Clippies...I made them for a customer and decided to remake them for an auction....part of my princess clippie collection:

See princess collection

and this is going up as well this week:

Shabby Roses-pair

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Coming Soon.......collaboration with Eva!

I am excited to be doing a collaboration with Eva Of FreshandVintage for Wisterialane's upcoming BratPack Guest lauch. Eva will be designing an outfit based on the 80's trend-Petty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, The Outsiders, The Breakfast club...this is going to be great. I am making clippies to match her outfit and a painting with a little blonde girl wearing the design Eva makes. So far I have finished 3/4 of the painting. I painted the girl's head, but no clothes until Eva is finished.

Here is a sneaky peaky!

I added the duck for duckie in the movie Pretty in Pink.....

Click HERE to see the non-pixalated version.

Check back May 8th!

New Listings....

well got rid of my store. It was time. Plus I was told several people were using my images on their websites from the templates I was selling. Ho-hum...another day in the life of ebay. Also - just to vent- I am shocked at how many people are doing clippies now. Not to make for themselves, but selling. I mean really- yes everyone uses ribbon-land as an ebay supplier. I found them about 1.5 years ago and at the time, I had no one to bid against. Now, it is ridiculous. I have been trying to do new and out of the box type clippies- but it is impossible to be original nowadays. No biggie- I love making them, so I am not going anywhere. I will keep on truckin!

Well my love for european kid designers started with my MIL who lives in Vienna. Being European she only sends the kids Oilily, Catamini, Cakewalk, etc. Love the clothes and my obsession for clippie making has taken a new turn. M2M oilily, catamini, etc.

And we get the new styles first because my MIL gets everything first! tee hee

Here is another M2M listing....

pair of clippies!!

Hope they sell!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Shabby Chic Lamp Shade...

It was NOT fun to make....will not be offering it all. It will just reside on my daughter's dresser for now.

Next is a cute little wand pillow I made with a pocket for your little one's keepsakes- diary, favorite little doll, candy...LOL...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Shabby Chic Letter Plaque...toile

SO here is the first in the series of my shabby chic room decor items. This is a wooden plaque,painted in white,and then layered with this gorgeous floral pattern. The letter is a toile rose pattern that I hand painted. The plaque is then adorned with substantial rose embellishments framing the design. Voilla. Coming soon is the matching lampshade...

Here is a close up of the letter...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Now I've Been Tagged---Show me your desk!

Thanks Christine for tagging me! LOL

Well my desk and, actually, my office is in my kitchen. My computer and all materials except naked canvases(keep in a closet)are in the corner of my kitchen- including fabrics,paint, brushes, boxes, bubble wrap,ribbon, mailers, emebellishments etc. All needed to keep wendysworldart afloat. However, if DH is on the computer I use the laptop on the kitchen table..the counter and the kitchen table is where I mainly work.
Here is a peek at my "desk"----the rest of the kitchen is a MESS as I had energy to start cleaning my fridge.....eeek!

Now it is my turn to tag someone.....HELP- who has a blog?????

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Coming soon....

Shabby Chic Night Lights and Lamps with Embellished Shades.....can't wait till I finish them!!! Will look awesome with some of my paintings (teehee)


Family Life

just some funny moments with my kids...

New Room Decor Pillow....

what are your thoughts on these two new pillows?

My pillows are unique in that they contain appliques from my very own artwork. I paint the design on either the fabric itself or on white linen, and then fuse it and stitch it onto the pillow. In addition I add some whimsical touches including adorable embellishments that I use on my clippies, marabou, and gorgeous trim.

and this new one as well...

My other pillows can be viewed on my website under room decor.

So I have a new blog...

I can't wait to post photos of my work and of my family, my thoughts, and my fav's...stay stuned