Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Listings....

well got rid of my store. It was time. Plus I was told several people were using my images on their websites from the templates I was selling. Ho-hum...another day in the life of ebay. Also - just to vent- I am shocked at how many people are doing clippies now. Not to make for themselves, but selling. I mean really- yes everyone uses ribbon-land as an ebay supplier. I found them about 1.5 years ago and at the time, I had no one to bid against. Now, it is ridiculous. I have been trying to do new and out of the box type clippies- but it is impossible to be original nowadays. No biggie- I love making them, so I am not going anywhere. I will keep on truckin!

Well my love for european kid designers started with my MIL who lives in Vienna. Being European she only sends the kids Oilily, Catamini, Cakewalk, etc. Love the clothes and my obsession for clippie making has taken a new turn. M2M oilily, catamini, etc.

And we get the new styles first because my MIL gets everything first! tee hee

Here is another M2M listing....

pair of clippies!!

Hope they sell!!!

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