Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy 6th Anniversary Babe!

This is a dual celebration- we have been married for 6 years (WOW!!!) it feels like I have known my british man forever! He is such a nice guy. For so many years in the dating circuit I was so miserable. Dating guys who just treated me like dirt- and for some reason I came back for more of the torture. Why - I don't know but I never liked the nice good guys- I always went for the mysterious- typical bad boys! Ask my friends, I chased after those that were more into partying then me. But almost 7 years ago I met the him! Out of nowhere this handsome, sweet and sincere brit reached out to me and thank goodness I was ready..because I was not ready to settle down before I met him.

And secondly- my dear quit smoking exactly 1 year ago. I never considered him a chain smoker, but he did smoke at least 1 a day- especially when he was stressed out. But last year he put our kids first and really did it for them- not me or himself (although he tried a bunch of times to quit for me and himself as well). And I love him even more for that! Congrats!!


Timi said...

Happy Anniversary Wendy! It sounds like your hubby is wonderful. I hope you both have an incredible Anniversary :)

HOLLY & PEYTON said...

Cheers Wendy! Here's to many, many more smiles, tears, and memories! Isn't it nice when our soulmates swoop in & complete us? :o) We've been married 6 too... goin' on 7. So happy for you, girl, and congrats to dh for quitting smoking. Good for him!


Laurie said...

Ah Wendy, happy anniversary to you and your sweetie! Good for him too, for puttin down the smokes! Kuddo's to him!

Hope you had a great anniversary!