Friday, May 25, 2007

I've been tagged....

ok, Amelia tagged me to reveal another 8 things about myself.....If you scroll down you will see 7 other random tid bits about are 8 more...

1. My husband and I met in Israel, dated for 1 month and got engaged, and got married 3 months later!

2. I am way too vein. Appearance is very important to me...I always have to look good at all times...and so do my kids. My husband thinks I am nuts...LOL

3. I love love love fro-yo! I think I could just eat that alone!

4. My parents have really nice cherry wood furniture (DR, LR, bedrooms) waiting for me in their home....they refuse to give it to me until my kids are older. So my house now is filled with IKEA furniture.

5. I hate it here in chicago! I am from NYC and miss it. You can't really take the Newyorker out of New york!

6. Two of my really close friends growing up are in the group All Saints (well was)- remember the movie the Beach with Leo--anyway...they are famous now- but the funny thing is when I knew them in my teens they didn't have a British Accent like they do now LOL

7. I am super close with my brother and even though he is 5 years younger, I go to him for advise and spiritual uplift. He is wise beyond his years!!

8. I had braces in 7 and 8th grade. I was going to the ortho the next day to replace the wire that he removed, and that morning I decided to take my brackets off myself. I thought my mother was going to kill me..but instead she said..."wow they look gorgeous!" LOL

that is it. Now I have to think of a few more people to tag!!!




~love said...

aww...i LOVE chicago! but, going to have my first NYC experience this guess we'll see. =)

wendysworldart said...

you will love love love NY
I was just there visiting parents for a family wedding. Didn't want to come back here to chi-town