Saturday, September 27, 2008

I am still shaking.....

I live in a pretty nice neighborhood and most of my neighbors are super sweet and friendly. Anyways, a new family moved in down the block and as soon as I saw the kids I knew something looked odd. The kids run around without shoes all day long, bruises on their legs, the mother sits out on her lawn with a chair, smoking a cigarette and holding her baby in her arm at the same time. YOu have to envision her- she is wearing shorts that don't fit, a tank top without a bra, no shoes of course, feet all dirty, hair is silver, curly and looks like she has been electrocuted. But all in all, I try to avoid this family, UNTIL- the white trash looking family has a public argument. Yesterday, I was waiting for my daughter to arrive from school at her bus stop right in front of their home (which by the way was a forclosed home they got for next to nothing) was a mess before they bought it (although they may be renting who knows)...Anyways, the 10 year old boy who smokes (YES right in front of his mother), starts a screaming match at his mother, CURSING left and right in front of me and my 4 year old boy. I couldn;t leave because my daughter is only 5 and I didn;t want her bus to come and I was not there. Then all of a sudden the mother took a bat and smacked him on the head! She said in a horrible voice, you think that's bad wait till I get my hands on you!

Finally my daughters bus came, I grabbed her and crossed the street freaking out! As soon as I got home I called family services which I found on the internet. THEY Had me on HOLD. After 5 minutes, I told the person on the other end the situation and she told me to call back in the AM. I told her it might be too late. These kids look malnourished and in bad shape. Who knows what the crazy mother is going to do to tehe 10 year old when they went inside. All he did from what I could tell was take a match box car from his brother....HE DESERVED TO Be smacked on the head??????? I was scared for him so they told me to call 911....and I did.

I think they came, but they will not give me any information because even as a witness I am not privy to any information on the case. I saw the kid an hour ago walking home from somewhere- HE IS 10 and he was alone, smoking his cigarette, and it was 10 pm!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- I have no idea what happened---was the mother taken away????is child welfare going to investigage???? I am not allowed to know.

I just want those kids to be safe. There is way to much tradegy happening in this world. It reminds me of the Lisa Steinberg case back in the 90's in NYC. It really does, and her life ended tragically:(


Holly said...

You clever girl! You got all your old posts over here and a new blog design! LOVE the new look; it's soooo Wendy!

wendy said...

thanks girlie! miss ya:)